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Property prices: Boost the value of your home by £49,000 with this simple upgrade

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Sat 22 Sep 2018

Property prices: Boost the value of your home by £49,000 with this simple upgrade

House prices are high in the UK at the moment although there are signs that the market is stagnating.

However, you can increase the value of your home by improving its energy efficiency, according to experts.

Putting your home into the top energy efficiency bracket could add 14 per cent to the value of your house.

This means the average house (priced at £349,733 according to Gov.uk) could increase in value by £48,962.62.

Money Supermarket found that having high energy efficiency can add up to 14 per cent to the value of your house.

The website stated: “Based on average property prices in England we are able to see a correlation between a stronger energy efficiency rating and a higher house price, the graph below highlights the price increase as a result of raising your EPC from a G rating through to a higher A ratings, where property value can be as much as 14 per cent higher.

What value can you add to your property by upgrading the EPC?

EPC A/B - 14 per cent

EPC C - 10 per cent

EPC D - 8 per cent

EPC E - 7 per cent

EPC F - 6 per cent

It found that the house prices in the South West increases by an average of £19,577 if upgraded.

In the West Midlands this is £17,988 and in the North East it is £16,219.

How can you improve your EPC?

Installing insulation to your property

Adding lagging jackets to insulate your pipes

Use energy efficient light bulbs

Upgrade your boiler

According to recent report, you could increase the price of your property by £121,899. 

Website PropertyPriceAdvice.co.uk rated converting your cellar as one of the best ways to add value.

It claimed you can add up to 30 per cent to the value of your house by doing this.

What is more, there is no need for planning permission to covert your cellar to a living space, provided that you are not extending the cellar in anyway.

LABC, a warranty provider for homeowners, estimates the cost of a converting an existing seller is £750 to £1,400 per square metre.