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Battle Begins Over 'Crazy' Ealing Parking Plans

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Wed 13 Mar 2019

Battle Begins Over 'Crazy' Ealing Parking Plans

Ealing Council's draft transport proposals aimed at reducing traffic in the borough have been described as ' crazy' and a significant threat for small businesses.

Cutting stop and shop bays and having all-day CPZs are part of the local implentation plan (LIP) to tie-in with the London Mayor's transport strategy. The main objectives of the LIP are to encourage an increase in walking, cycling and use of public transport, reduce the environmental footprint of local transport and improve road safety.

Ealing Council say those objectives are underpinned by their own guiding principle of ''aiming to improve residents’ health and well-being – through better air quality, safer travel and supporting the local economy.''

However, shopkeeper Evelyn O' Flaherty, owner of gift shop 'Mooch' on Northfield Avenue and Pitshanger Lane said they would have the opposite effect. She says, ''As a business owner and resident for over 30 years I know this will have a significant detrimental effect on small business as we rely on local and non local customers to be able to pop in. Also, we visit my my 89-year-old mother-in-law every day to make her a cuppa and have a chat, with an all day CPZ we wouldn't be able to do this and it would further isolate the elderly in our community. I find it incredulous that our local council want to introduce this with no consultation whatsoever.''

David Millican, Conservative Councillor for Northfield Ward, said, ''The Labour Council have come up with the crazy idea to stop 30 or 60 minute Stop & Shop parking.  We all know that shops, in our local shopping parades, rely on passing trade. So, to stop people popping in will really hit our local shops and businesses.  They are part of our community and deserve our support. But the council have come up with not one but two crazy ideas. All-day CPZs might work in some areas but not to be introduced everywhere.  Residents want long-term parkers and commuters stopped from clogging up their residential roads. Many zones are for just an hour morning and afternoon. This allows flexibility and stops those long-term and commuters parking. This must be stopped too. As the Opposition we’re doing all we can to stop these two crazy ideas.''

We have asked for clarification and explanation about the proposals from Ealing Council and await reply.